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The ways of flirting, or courtship had evolved rapidly through time, much like how Lady Gaga’s image changed in a year, or the latest fad in cell phone technology.
Flirting, or again courtship for a more restrained term, is one of the first steps in removing both physical and emotional boundaries between two people. Nowadays, courtship may just seem to be all about flowers, and chocolates, and 3D movies with free popcorn from your date but believe me, it has gone way far from where it started.

In fact, it started as a dance.

For eighteen months now, I’ve been using the same smartphone I bought myself for passing a "board" exam. I bought the smartphone in less than a week, with two days spent for researching and convincing myself, however expensive, that it’s worth it. 

The moment I saw the phone in the internet, it was love at first sight. I did read the comments and the reviews, and a few of them raised problems but I really didn’t mind.

Because in that particular moment, there were only 3 things that matter:

1. I loved the way the phone would look on me.
2. It’s drop-dead gorgeous.
3. I deserve it.

Indeed, when shopping, the word "deserve" is a deadly sin.

And then, after a few months, I was having difficulties with my new phone. 

With that experience, I told myself that the next time I buy myself a phone (or anything else that costs that big); it would be a sound decision.

I’m not really ogling for a phone right now; since finances are thin, but there’ve been a buzz on the web for genius phones.

a SMART phone 
a GENIUS phone

Who wouldn’t opt for the latter?

There’s a fine connection between superhero movies and locally produced action films, I believe. The latter juggles the typical elements of an underdog protagonist, a bombshell of a female lead, a climax from, it seems a 1960s Bollywood movie, and a confrontation with the enemy that lasts for like – just tick the trigger for chrissake. Not to mention the irresponsibly late police figures in the end.

It’s a classic Pinoy action film, and when it comes to superhero movies; the drift seem obvious every time: same elements and factors, with different super powers and a tight-colored costume. Whatever happened to variety huh?

But the latest installment of a comic flick, the X-Men First Class is most certainly not one of those.


Dalawang taon na rin nang ang mga Hunyo ko ay hindi na tungkol sa pagsisimula ng klase. Ngayon, tungkol na lang sya sa malakas na ulan, DVD marathons, at pagtambay sa kama kasama ang mainit at matamis-tamis na mapait na champorado.

Pero minsan hindi ko rin maiwasang balikan ang mga taong babad pa ako sa readings, naglalakad sa campus na may basang-basang tsinelas at nag-aabang ng jeep pauwi. Minsan andun din ang mga memories nung first year ko sa college, mistulang halo-halo ang pakiramdam ko nuon: masaya, takot, excited, may namimiss, may tinatamad but above all, gutom. Gutom sa karunungan, gutom sa experience, gutom sa sobrang daming pangarap na kalakip ng unang pagtuntong sa kolehiyo.

Eeeeeee! Welcome back to meeeee!
I’m not sure if the overly E’s are for excitement or self-irritation.
I’m thinking the latter, but I think I’m being hard on myself again.
So I was MIA. For a month.
And I swear if it hadn’t been for a particular thing, I won’t even be back here.
Not that I’ve never done it before. In fact, I am so so used of stopping, writing.
I reached the HOLE.

Devon Blacques

I bought my pug.
Oh yes, it seems I couldn’t wait any longer for the time I’ll be more prepared to have my very own pug. Or even the time I would have enough money.
Never mind the debt I currently am. o_O
My infatuation for this dog with the snub nose and wrinkled face started four years ago. 

With this picture.
May 2006

I saw one for the first time and immediately fell in love with it.
Although a big lot of the people I know wouldn’t understand how adorable I find pugs, let alone spend a five-digit savings, ehhh I don’t care a bit.
Devon is as sweet, adorable and lovely as I wanted him to be. Never mind the “panget” scowls we sometimes get in our walks.
PS. Apart from the potty dirty business, dogs are natural stress-relievers. It’s as if they could lick stress away.