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The ways of flirting, or courtship had evolved rapidly through time, much like how Lady Gaga’s image changed in a year, or the latest fad in cell phone technology.
Flirting, or again courtship for a more restrained term, is one of the first steps in removing both physical and emotional boundaries between two people. Nowadays, courtship may just seem to be all about flowers, and chocolates, and 3D movies with free popcorn from your date but believe me, it has gone way far from where it started.

In fact, it started as a dance.


Dating back to the Spanish era, Cariñosa is deemed as one of the first forms of courtship in our country. It involves a fan and a handkerchief as instruments for the couple to display a romantic scenario.

Although a more popular form made famous by classic Pinoy films is the ever-kilig harana.
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Harana is a form of courtship where a guy serenades a girl in front of her house.
Oh, and let’s not forget the admirable way birds show their affection:

A courtship display usually involves special calls, postures, and showing off bright colors or ornamentation. The one seen in the video is an example of the “dancing” done by a male bird of paradise.
In high school, there are the endless teasing and pairing of a boy and a girl. Sometimes, they last for real; but most times, they last just until the night of JS Prom.
Do you remember your JS Prom?

And in my case, being a late bloomer, I was only able to participate on this starting in college; subtly yet fairly documented through blogging.
My first blog in Multiply
The romantic posts are the best: the most viewed and the most commented ones. Comments are usually about my friends over-assessing situations (we’re statistics students, I think we can’t help over-analyzing) and usiseros wanting to know the real deal. Sometimes, these discussions even extend to girlfriend sleepovers and overnight inumans.
This had been my “emo” stage of life, sans the cut wrists and heavy eye makeup.

Come Facebook era, I think flirting is mostly about adding your crush on FB, liking a girl’s post, poking, instant messaging… Flirting transcended to the internet and onto the monitor screens. But, can one really feel it? Can you actually feel the kilig when your crush poked you?
Flirt the BB Way

I believe the moral of the various forms of flirting is this: no matter the generation or the species, the main purpose of one’s existence is to love and be loved in return.
It’s that simple, in fact the first part is simple too: it’s easy to love someone; it’s easy to find someone to love. Or at least it’s easier than the one that comes after:
Finding that person you’re compatible with, getting to know each other, ending up in the altar, it’s so difficult it drove some people crazy! Seriously.
But Blackberry Messenger can make it easier for us, in 3 ways:
1. THIS MESSAGE HAD BEEN READ. Ever wondered if the text message you send was delivered successfully because he’s not replying? Maybe you should send it again, right? Thinking he’s too busy to check his phone, or just too busy to read your text, much more to reply back? I know… These beseeching thoughts might be mundane compared to our ozone layer problems but it sure hurt us more. Alas! BBM came up with this where you’ll be notified if the message was sent successfully, and if the receiver has already read it. Cool, huh?! Girls, it’ll even give us a hint if a guy likes us if he replies quickly, which is like a thousand pogi points. Who wants a guy whose pahintay right?
An example of a BB Pin.

2. HI MISS, CAN I GET YOUR PIN? It’s just like asking for a number, but with class and steadfast accuracy if I may add! Ever been to a situation where some guy asks for your number and you give it with the hope of becoming closer since you’re, you know, just a text away now. I did! And he never text. Ever. Did it cross your mind that maybe you’ve said the wrong number, or pronounced it too fast or too soft or in too pa-sosyal accent (in order to impress him) but he didn’t understand? What are the chances huh? With BBM, the odds are Nada! A guy gets your PIN, which is unique for a blackberry, and you can be confident that he got it right. If he still didn’t text, it’s his loss now.
Did I mention that text messaging is free for BB?
3. This is the biggest HELLO! WHY DO I STILL NOT HAVE A BB?!  because if you’re spending a thousand per month of telecommunication costs, and most of these are due to text messaging, then this BB feature will save you a big lot of money. No buts and ifs needed.
There are a lot of other ways BB can help with your flirting style (I actually thought of 5) but I’m leaving the others for you to think about now.
Thinking about it, these unique BB features are not just useful for flirting, although it’s a definite reason to splurge on one. As I said, in life, we all need to love and be loved. And who said that saying is only for romantic partners? We all need to connect with other people every now and then: forget about being needy, or craving for affection, or the emotional distraught that comes with every personal relationship. At the end of the day, no man is an island and no one should be left treading this life alone.
And what better ways to keep the communications open than through a Blackberry?
Blackberry’s latest offering is the Blackberry Bold 9780. 

Blackberry Bold
"It’s reliable, sturdy, sophisticated, social, and modern. No matter how you look at it, you can’t go wrong with the BlackBerry Bold 9780!" - Unbox.ph

It also has a:
- OS 6 
- 5 Megapixels Camera 
- 512 RAM 
- and a micro SD card of up to 32GB. 

To find out more about Blackberry Bold 9780, you may check out their fanpages: Unbox.ph Facebook Page and BlackBerry Pilipinas Facebook Page.