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Wait for Me

At ten in the evening, I am already halfway on my second pack of Marlboro lights, still struggling to produce even just a semi-perfect ring and knowing that I failed even before I puffed. 

If you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to fear.

In my first post for this blog, I answered a question that has always obsessed me, why I write. And after some careful pondering, this is what I came up with.

Tall order, I would say. But after 21 posts, I was slapped with the reality that perhaps I can’t really do that with writing (and blogging per se). Especially the “know and inspire the world kind of stuff”. I know right, what was I thinking.

Here’s a list of fifteen movies I’ve watched that stirred me, some provoked me into a new perspective and others came close to shaking me from what I currently believed. Still there may be others that moved me because of its whole package: great actors, superb storyline and its over-all impact.

From the first movie I cried to my current I-will-never-get-tired-of-watching-this movie, these are the fifteen films that moved me.

Hand-picked, with cherries on top. Cheers!

I started this blog with these melo-dramatic reasons from my first post:

Now, what I like about blogging (/writing) boils down into three things:

I will never be

 too busy,

 too old,

 nor too tired

to write.
Before reading: It seems a disclaimer would be very appropriate for this post. This is a recycled one btw from my friendster account, way back June 2007. For the most part, I do appreciate my high school alma mater. But there will of course be the little things that will set the good things back right?  :)

"How do you let go of something that shaped you to be who you are? Is it a decision of ingratitude, clearly showing how all of us are just pestered individuals who want it our way?"

In the fifh grade I had my first ever diary. I was so enlivened by the thought of finally writing what I want, having a relative amount of waited freedom. Bit by bit, I knew it was my first step.  So my first diary was like, a doodle of love quotes, little poems, four to five stanzas each, and scribbles of my initials written beside my crush’s last name.
The sweetest thing I did for someone last year was when I joined a Valentine contest for me and my boyfriend in juice.ph. I wrote a story of how I plan to spend our valentines day together; this is how it went:

Three days after last year's Valentine's Day, I told my guy "I love you" for the first time.

It wasn't the most glorious moment there could be: we were standing in front of a legendary Sisig Restaurant, jeepneys and buses honking in our background, street children cluster with their collected alms as my eyes stared at his, trying to diminish all the worldly noise everywhere and doing in vain.

"I love you", I told him. Amidst all the noise I was competing with, he didn't hear those three words.

I knew it wasn't the most glorious moment, but I knew it was the right time to say it.

Click here for more.

I even got our friends vote for our entry since it's half-writing contest and half-online voting, and my entry made it with the most votes.

But unfortunately, I didn't win that contest even though I believe it is so well-written.

I'm just happy now that I did it for my guy above all else.