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For eighteen months now, I’ve been using the same smartphone I bought myself for passing a "board" exam. I bought the smartphone in less than a week, with two days spent for researching and convincing myself, however expensive, that it’s worth it. 

The moment I saw the phone in the internet, it was love at first sight. I did read the comments and the reviews, and a few of them raised problems but I really didn’t mind.

Because in that particular moment, there were only 3 things that matter:

1. I loved the way the phone would look on me.
2. It’s drop-dead gorgeous.
3. I deserve it.

Indeed, when shopping, the word "deserve" is a deadly sin.

And then, after a few months, I was having difficulties with my new phone. 

With that experience, I told myself that the next time I buy myself a phone (or anything else that costs that big); it would be a sound decision.

I’m not really ogling for a phone right now; since finances are thin, but there’ve been a buzz on the web for genius phones.

a SMART phone 
a GENIUS phone

Who wouldn’t opt for the latter?

So I did my research (yes, I’m doing that now), and I’ve been thinking if I just have the finances, would I buy the genius phone in exchange of my old smart one? Would it be worth it?

Hmm... Let’s see.

LG (Life's Good!) just launched what they claim as "genius" phones, the LG Optimus Black and the LG Optimus 2X.

LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus 2X

So, what set these phones apart from the prevailing smart phones? More importantly, if I buy any of the 2 genius phones, would I be happy of my purchase?

In deciding my answers for those questions, I have a different set of questions for myself, personalized for my own likes and needs.

…how do I look?…

One thing I love the most about my smart phone is its over-all look. It’s sassy, simple and sleek (as I call them, the 3 S’s). It’s elegant in whatever angle, a factor I’m not willing to trade off.

Fortunately, looking at both LG Optimus Black and 2X, it seems they both have these 3 S’s. 

The LG Optimus Black looks clean and elegant with a thin exterior. Black boasts of an energy-efficient NOVA-display in its IPS screen, making it 0.36 inch thick and weighing 3.8 ounces. 

Whereas the LG Optimus 2X has a 4-inch display weighing 5 ounces. It is not as modern and sleek-looking as its brother Black but it also has a particularly slim dimension of 0.4 inch.

Both phones look smooth and thin, without any protruding parts. This helps because on occasions I accidentally drop my phone, so I need one like my current smartphone, sleek and unbelievably strong despite its thinness, it only has a few scratches to date. 

…how do I surf?

Aside from texting/calling, surfing the web is the next best thing I do with my current smartphone. I log in to Facebook, check internet deals, and browse blogs (also my own) everyday. In the www vocabulary, I am what they call a netizen.

That is, until a few months ago, I think my phone obtained a virus from frequent downloading that I can’t open my browser anymore. This is a big fail; as I don’t have my own laptop, I rely majorly on my cellphone and now, on frequent borrowing from my sister’s netbook. 

But with LG Optimus Black and 2X, browsing the web had never been this easier as they have wireless transfers which can be carried out for compatible devices. Also, Optimus Black has the World's 1st Wi-Fi Direct Technology where one can connect with up to eight devices at a time! 

...how do I store?...

As I am a one-size-fits-all kind of person, I also use my smartphone as a storage device, finding the 8G storage particularly useful.

But the LG Optimus phones do it better. Black has a 2G internal memory and a card slot that can store up to 32G of storage; while Optimus 2X has 8G internal memory with a maximum of 32G for the card slot. With all the data storage available, I can save lotsa lotsa'f movies, songs, videos, pictures and a lot more! 

...how do I watch?...

Speaking of videos and songs, what better way to pass time while waiting for a queue or in the commute, but to listen to your favorite songs or watch the latest downloaded flicks?

LG Optimus 2X has a wide screen (4 in) with 16M colors, perfect for watching movies sans the eyesore. It is also noteworthy to say that Black has a brighter display than 2X because of its Nova display feature, which allows one to see the screen even in bright lights.

LG Optimus 2X and Black

...how do I shoot?...

Since I don't have a DSLR, I rely on the 5MP camera in my smartphone whenever, wherever I go.

This picture is taken by my current smart phone,
while this one is from LG Optimus 2X,

and from LG Optimus Black.
So, which phone shot it better?

Black sports a 5MP camera; it also has geo-tagging pictures and face & smile detection; while Optimus 2X has a whopping 8MP camera! What do you need clunky DSLRs for when you can have one, which is just as good, in your pocket?

Since I am completely addicted to taking pictures; having one of the Optimus phones would definitely make my hobby an awesome experience.

...how do I work?...

I want a smartphone with an operating system where I can view, edit, submit documents and reports, organize my schedules, etc. I know it's geeky, but these features would help me in dire times.

LG Optimus phones have Android as its operating system, upgradeable to v2.3. Other features allow editing documents, an organizer, a google search and digital compass. Perfect for on-the-go professionals like me.

...and how do all these fair?...

For a moment it seemed I wouldn't have any problems with my current phone. After all, I can use it as a USB, watch videos, take pictures, and edit documents. I thought so too, until I try to do these things all at once. When I did that, it became a big failure.

Since I'm sometimes easily bored, I quickly shift from watching movies to listening to MP3s to internet browsing to text messaging. It's a big world out there, and I'm one multi-tasking lady; I need a phone that could keep up with my speed.

Luckily, Optimus phones have fast processors, avoiding lag interactions in my application usage. But the more admirable phone when it comes to multi-tasking is the Optimus 2X. It is the World's 1st Dual Core Smartphone. It has a dual core processor, with NVIDIA Tegra 2 system-on-chip; this would make all your running applications work at a maximum. No need for turning off the phone when it lags, because it doesn't! Now that's amazing!

And here's one last look at the features we've listed and how the 2 genius phones compare with my current smartphone;

where a KISS is for "i sooo LOVE it!"
where a SMILE is for "good service"
and where a SAD face is for "epic fail".

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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