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Devon Blacques

I bought my pug.
Oh yes, it seems I couldn’t wait any longer for the time I’ll be more prepared to have my very own pug. Or even the time I would have enough money.
Never mind the debt I currently am. o_O
My infatuation for this dog with the snub nose and wrinkled face started four years ago. 

With this picture.
May 2006

I saw one for the first time and immediately fell in love with it.
Although a big lot of the people I know wouldn’t understand how adorable I find pugs, let alone spend a five-digit savings, ehhh I don’t care a bit.
Devon is as sweet, adorable and lovely as I wanted him to be. Never mind the “panget” scowls we sometimes get in our walks.
PS. Apart from the potty dirty business, dogs are natural stress-relievers. It’s as if they could lick stress away.