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We were a hundred feet above everything.
I remember the sound of the wind most of all. It resounds solidly; I couldn’t hear a thing except for the wind flapping strongly at the parachute, and my own heartbeat. Up there, it’s like we have our own paradise.
I looked at him, and he smiled. And then he held my hand.
Sometime, I was thinking how I’ll have a perfect picture for my facebook profile. Above the Boracay island, alone together, holding hands. Once we got back to our boat, I hastily examined the taken pictures. But I found they weren’t really as I imagined. Most are too far away to even recognize us.
But I saw one. It wasn’t as I imagined it perfect. We were dipped in water, and not hanging high above. But I think, love is just like that.
Love as I see it, is not about the perfect moment. But seeing the imperfect moment perfectly; changing, accepting these imperfections because the love for that person is greater than its flaws. It’s like the imperfect picture of parasailing/water-dipping, it’s not perfect but in my eyes, it is.

“This is my entry to “Love as I see it.” A project of www.islandrose.net flowers Philippines.
In this modern age of liberalism, sometimes I'd like to ponder how we can still preserve those things we hold dear. Take for example, men on their manliness. I know men are facing more challenges than they ever are, what with the constant changes in our society. But I think, true men shouldn't find the ever-growing liberal views a hindrance to their manliness.

I think being manly has a lot to do with one's values, and not even on physical appearance. If a guy takes to heart to protect those he loves, especially his family, I would consider him manly. 

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