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The Big Bang Theory series definitely paved my most pop culture-est part of my life. I now watch youtube videos regularly, opened a tumblr account and considering moving on from the good old alternative songs to the more happy yappy ones.

But the original TBBT series didn't start the way we now see it. The first version of the story is as dark as my used-to-be-favorite alternative songs (Brick maybe).

Here are some few screen caps of the unaired pilot:

There's still Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki as Sheldon and Leonard but the 
female protagonist is a drunk played by Amanda Walsh.

I get it why they replaced her character with someone sweet like Penny, the role Amanda plays is 
quite unlikeable and repulsive. Audience would hate her right off the bat 
and she's kind of a skank really. Makes me appreciate Penny all of a sudden.

 Oh no, no Raj and Howard in the first pilot either, but a nerdy colleague who have the hots for Leonard.
And Sheldon slept with her! Now I'm glad they transformed Sheldon as someone asexual. 
He looks like a maniac in this picture. Ewww.

I particularly liked the last episode "The Prestidigitation Approximation". The magic scenes are so adorable, and Leonard bumping on the door while going after Penny is so cute. I'd totally ship them anytime. I think it's my favorite episode this season so far.

Bi-pi-di-duh-bi-di boom! Yeah!