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Merry White Christmas!

If all things would happen as planned, this will be our last Christmas in our house. It was actually unnerving but exciting at the same time. Buying a house came with a big price like being frugal this Christmas. Even our Noche Buena, usually a feast of Pinoy food recipes boiled down to two or three Christmas food.

Oh, I’m not complaining. This frugality in holiday season is just one of the many things we had to put up with. Cleaning up our house and disposing of some things we won’t need once we moved is another.

There came the “Great Clean of 2010”, we never really realized how much we’ve cluttered our house for 15 years until recently. It seemed we never really let go of:

1. The things we think we need but in hindsight, we won’t even remember these things if they’re gone,

2. The things we think will be useful in the future, but after one, ten, fifteen years and the future never came.

All these ranged from newspapers, toys to old appliances needing a little repair here and there. It could have been easy, dumping old stuff as trash, but almost all these things (except the newspapers of course) brought out a memory in the past we never remember existing, until we saw them in The Great Clean, and that’s when we remember why the old piece of furniture is still there, even with the existence of cobwebs and deep cracks.

I guess giving up old stuff will always be hard.

Lucky thing is through these old stuffs we were able to give out and help other people. For instance, my mom gave street kids who round our area old toys, books, clothes and slippers; old but still working appliances to our relatives and neighbours; and a lot more other things to our dear friends.

I guess letting go of old stuff would always be hard, but knowing they will be helpful to their new owners makes the hard part more bearable, and the spirit of sharing these holidays more evident.