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I'm not quite proud that it took me this long to write again.

You see, I've gone to the moon. And as one might have guessed, there's really no internet connection there, and furthermore, I haven't got anything to write with me. So, hence the non-writing.

But I got back, and hopefully need not go back to the moon once again, at least not for a long time. No, I mean, seriously, hopefully no. 

I guess an offering of updates would be better than a frustrating real explanation:

1. Internet's not a safe place anymore. Most recently, the country's legislators passed the Anti-Cyber Bullying Act, which apparently had not been exempted with cyber-bullying at all. Plus the #Amalayer story is fascinating. It's amazing how a lot of people spend their time bashing others they don't even know personally. As I said, it's not a safe place out there anymore... Better not say shit in public. But if I have to say shit, better say it like 'shit!' - as if I stepped on a cockroach heel-naked after hopping through the room for hours just to avoid it. 

2. I took the MFE exam last November. The official results will come out early January, I hope it's favorable, so I can start 2013 right.

3. I'm not sure if I still got the mood to write, but I really badly want to, and I don't know how to start getting it. Only I feel that the first step to getting it is for me to just write. So.. here's to just writing. Writing without pretensions. Without thinking of page views, or grammar, or me blogging. Here's to just writing because once it had been a real love. I forgot: do we do things because we love them, or because we're good at them? What do we realize first: that we love something because we're good at it, or we're good at something because we were first in love with it?

4. I don't really patronize coffee shop planners. Especially the most famous of them all. But right now I already have 7 stickers out of I think 17, and I feel I'm going to collect anyway because I already have 7 of them. And I know it's a lousy reason considering I already have a planner/journal ready for next year.. But heck, I'm not very sure what I'm actually doing right now.

I'll end this right here because this isn't exactly how I wanted things to be right now. 

I just really like it to be back, and I swear I'm not going to the moon again. I mean, not for long.