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Hello, stranger.
They say that most people are either born left-brained or right-brained. Left-brained, being those who deal with logic and numbers: mathematicians, statisticians. The science of the analytics and the sure. When I was much younger, to me it meant those who have money.
On the other hand, right-brained persons are those who deal with aesthetics and the arts: painters, writers. The art of music, colors and the written word. And when I was much much younger, it meant rockstars parading their tattooed skinny bods as they were passed on from hand to hand of the lingering crowd. And hippies.
How could I have known differently?
My name is April, and I think I was born to both.
While in most of the things I do, I let the left side win; there are times when my right side would take its rightful place.
And this, this blog is where it plays.
I only write. I don’t draw, I don’t dance, I don’t (thank heavens) sing on this blog. I only write.
Of stories, of people, and things. I might even write of the dead leaves on the sidewalk when things got tougher, yes even that mundane.
I write to get to inspire, even just one person in this big world in the slightest way that I ever could. And I would be happy.
But most importantly, I write for myself.
Often, I will write stories of my own. And when I do, could you possible share yours too. Maybe that way we could live each other’s lives.