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Fantastic reviews from friends in facebook and the blogging community entice us, J and I, to try Maple as our next food trip. 

Located at the newly open East Wing of Shangri-la Mall, Maple features breakfast items such as tapa, eggs benedict and various selections of pancakes. 

When we arrived at around 7PM last Friday, we were already 10th in the waiting list. The place was jam-packed; we were advised to come back after an hour or so as they will prioritize those in the list. So we came back at 8:15 and the place was crowdy than ever, the woman who had only arrived then was already 19th in the list. We finally got in after a couple more minutes of waiting. 

The interior of Maple is light, more formal than laid-back. The design would bring forth a fairytale vibe – script words scribbled on the walls, a bordered maple tree as the centerpiece, and a rack with books, reminiscent of kids’ bedtime stories. It’s a shame we didn’t took a lot of pictures of the place and interior but the place was really crowded. 

We ordered Maple Burger (P475) as I’ve always been on the search for a favorite burger after I watched the burger episode of How I Met Your Mother. And to J’s delight, Stuffed French Toast (P350) and Maple Buttermilk Pancake (P275) because he said, these should be their specialties. 

And now here is the reason I wrote a food blog post for the first time.

I found my favorite burger by far. And J totally agreed. 

I loved all about the Maple Burger. The patty literally melts in your month, like chocolate, but instead cheese and beef. The dressing is just the right kind (I actually forgot how it tastes like but it was really good). I saved the bacon for last because that’s how I do things, to serve like a prized trophy. The appetizers that came with it, deep-fried potatoes and onion rings were filling too.

I ate the burger so slow it’s as if I didn’t want it to end.

To be honest, I was so full after eating just half of the burger (J & I divided it in two) that I knew we were going to take out most of the pancake and French toast. But here they are nevertheless.

The Stuffed French Toast was really creamy, it’s soft like chiffon, so it felt like we already have a cake. Inside, it overflows with blueberry spread like a surprise (I’m not a fan of blueberry, it’s a little sour for me) but J loved it and he likes blueberry too. 

The pancakes were solid and filling, and they have chocolate bits all over. The maple sauce is smooth and not too sweet for my taste. It’s “pancakes like your day will be as comfy as the morning”.

The best thing is I now have a standard best burger on my list. And I’m sure will be coming back for that.