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I was giddy excited to come home last Wednesday after knowing that my planner package arrived. As expected, it was the 2011 Starbucks planner from Starbucks themselves (also c/o NomNomClub).

I chose Metal because it's gray and the other two looks too dark for my taste, and I can say I'm not disappointed of my choice. I love the "feel" of the planner over-all, although it doesn't have features that I need compared with the bdj planner which is my first choice of planner for the year.                                                                                                   

And since I'm not a Starbucks fan, at all; I honestly don't drink Starbucks (except for very few occasions). I found the planner not really for me, it being too Starbucks-y.
But since I got it from a writing contest with this post, I supposed this will motivate me to write more, which is one of my new year's resolutions for 2011.

Happy New Year!
you're my person

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Cristina: The clinic has a policy. They wouldn't let me confirm my appointment unless I designated an emergency contact person. Someone to be there in case and...to you know help me home after. Anyway I put your name down, that's why I told you I'm pregnant. You're my person.

Dream a little dream of me

Meredith: Because you're my person! And if I'm going to do this with him, and be whole and healthy and be a warm, gooey person who lives with a boy... I need you on board. I need you to cheer me on. Because you're the only one who knows me. Darkly. Really knows me. I need you to pretend that I can do this even if you don't believe. Because if you abandon me now, I will never make it, and I will never get my happy ending and that's just...

Cristina: Life.

Meredith: I'm saying please here.

Cristina: I think you and Derek will make it. You will make it work.

Meredith: Are you just telling me what I wanna hear?

Cristina: I am your person. I am on your side.


Since I watched these episodes of Grey's Anatomy, especially the first one, I was driven to have my own person/s.
    -- My 2011 new year's resolution #3.
My mom is a hoarder.

Not that I am a human being who struts without imperfections, but my mom really is. Of cute little stuffs but when put tens or hundreds of it together, we can totally open up a store of –

red ribbons,

Merry White Christmas!

If all things would happen as planned, this will be our last Christmas in our house. It was actually unnerving but exciting at the same time. Buying a house came with a big price like being frugal this Christmas. Even our Noche Buena, usually a feast of Pinoy food recipes boiled down to two or three Christmas food.