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So this is March's version of --

or torn between doing what needs to be done and the short-lived but oh-so fun things

That's how it turned out, one thing I do when struck with the (and this used to be occasional) usual bouts of laziness is watching movies. The 2-hour (most of the time this includes pee and snack time) getaway is undoubtedly my favorite pastime ever (note to self: blogging/writing didn't even came close, I actually have a love-hate relationship with that one).

So with a bucket of Hershey’s Chocolate Ice Cream and lots and lots of chips, I was off to Wonderland with:


If you’re given a drug that would allow you to use the full 100% capacity of your brain (I’ve read that we can only use around 20% of it) with minimal side effects every day without stopping, because once you stop, you die; I know the last part’s scary but if the drug supply is limitless, just think about the endless possibilities of a fully-functioning brain.

It’s interesting really: everything you’ve read, learned, heard or saw is stored somewhere inside just waiting to be picked up. It’ll be like reading a dictionary and the next day, you’re a walking thesaurus. It also helps one to multitask a LOT of things and focus in each one smoothly.

Just thinking of the things I can do if I have that drug:
  • I could pass actuarial exams all in one take, with approximately 7 days of review in each.
  • I could finish my work before lunchtime.
  • I could write blog posts everyday and make sense.
  • I could try the stock market and get rich.
  • Or frequent a casino with state-of-the-mind poker techniques and still get rich.
Ow, Life!

And I found my own Brad Pitt! I actually don’t get why women go gaga over BP and men go hands-off with this male Aphrodite; I think he’s too jaw-y.

But anyway, as I said, I found my own and it’s Bradley Cooper! I know I liked him on Valentines Day but this movie sells him so well. And he can really act too!


Right now is definitely not my best time to hear a successful true story on blogging. Most of the time, this writing project I spoiled myself with feels like I’m shooting hoops aimlessly, everywhere. Sometimes, even going back to the primary (and overly optimistic) reasons for this doesn’t help.

I just know that I needed to do this blogging/writing thing, once and for all. To keep my nagging self of what if’s in the future.

THAT is my most honest reason for this.

Just what Julie Powell did in the movie, and look at her, she had her happy ending.

Anyone? Anybody out there? Hello???


It’s amazing how the supporting casts of the high-school-themed film Mean Girls are everywhere now, think Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams in Time Traveler’s Wife. Where is LiLo? I kind of miss her, despite all the nasty drama, she did made a number of feel-good films.



I know Johnny Depp had been the sexiest man for quite a long time but what's with all the either drunk/lost/rugged/freak roles he always seem to portray?

I'd love to see him as a typical working man next time; I think he's had his share of too many crazy roles.



Swoon, I'm taking THE exam mid-May.
The first part of my 15 Movies series I think is quite safe, because those five movies are in all due respect endearing in their own way. Witty, funny, comic yet irresistible, those movies are my primary recommendations when someone asked me for good movies to watch, and the usual quick resort when asked of my favorite films.

The second batch might not be as appealing as the first one; they’re certainly not the happy ending kind. But in their own dark twisted manner, they definitely got me. It’s true that the dark part of our lives are the ones that stirs us to reality; and when it comes to films (I’m a huge movie fan, if you don’t know by now), I don’t see why it has to be different. 

Here is the two-third of the 15 Films that Moved Me.

Handpicked, with bloody cherries on top. Cheers! 

"We were all so connected, I desperately wish we knew."
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 Dear next month,

Ready for the annual world domination?

All the Aprils of the world.


Dear last night's supermoon,

You look pretty much the same to me.

Quite disappointed,
My most reliable phone cam


Dear April's eyebags,

Get lost, you're taking too much space.

Your partner,
Her big eyes


Dear Sunday night,

Aren't you jealous that I'm so loved and you're so not?

And I'm just a sleep away :P
Saturday night


Dear April,

You missed our date last night. Please don't miss tonight's too. 
It's gonna be BIG, you promised.

Your Derivative Markets reviewer

Photo Credit: Letters to Juliet
"...say so long to sleep and hello to the middle of the night. Grab a book or a beer. Get used to Letterman's gap-toothed smile of the absurd, or the view of the bedroom ceiling, or the indifference of random selection. Take it from a godless insomniac. Take it from the uncrazy twin — the guy who beat the biochemical rap."

On my month, (oh yes, I therefore declare the next month to be mine) I'll run a marathon.

Two actually, in eight days.

04.02.11 Hyundai Accent Run a.k.a The Mass Run

04.10.11 NatGeo Earth Day Run a.k.a. The Elitist Run

And today I officially started preparing. =)

Step One: Cross-over lunch at Dad's. Our treat. Had 2 1/2 dishes and 2 dessert servings. What diet?
Step Two: Jog around Ayala Triangle.
Step Three: Just thought blogging about preparing for these marathons might actually trigger the actual prep so here is.

Step Four: Shop for shorts.
Step Five: Register on NatGeo (kahit mahaaaalll). 

Step SOON: Will update since I only plan one day ahead now.. Now that's new.
The Big Bang Theory series definitely paved my most pop culture-est part of my life. I now watch youtube videos regularly, opened a tumblr account and considering moving on from the good old alternative songs to the more happy yappy ones.

But the original TBBT series didn't start the way we now see it. The first version of the story is as dark as my used-to-be-favorite alternative songs (Brick maybe).

Here are some few screen caps of the unaired pilot:

There's still Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki as Sheldon and Leonard but the 
female protagonist is a drunk played by Amanda Walsh.

Last night, I slept with this scene in my head.

John and Araia got out of the grocery store in time for the ballgame. Each with paper bags in one hand, their other hand holds the other's as they traverse their way to the parking lot. He's pacing fast, at times a step ahead of her, but he keeps her pace with a tightened grip of her small hand when needed. 

Then Araia stops, looks at his confused and slightly irritated stare, and pouts, mocking him. It probably is the ballgame.

I love you, she says. Whispers, actually. Astounded by a sudden declaration of affection, he smiles coyly. Light shades of crimson red covered his face and with a smile, he leaned his head closer and kissed her. Bodies apart, like two teenage lovers, afraid yet excited to touch the world. 

They continued walking towards the parking lot; John in strides, Araia in two steps at once, to keep up in her three-inch heels.

When they reached his car, he insisted she get in, holding the door for her like a chauffeur. He put their grocery bags, which have already grown lopsided with their hastiness, in the trunk.

And with hurried movements, he closed the trunk and walked huge steps towards the driver's seat to join Araia. 

Photo Source: Enchanted

Ms. Limas' Stroke

On the first day of my fifth grade, I was standing at the corner, carefully shaving my three-inch Mongol pencil when she entered the room. She, who was wearing glasses then, walked anxiously inside and dropped her things on the desk. 

“Good morning,” she said in a voice I knew the boys at the back could not hear. When the noise did not subside, she reached for the chalk and started writing on the board, hard and fast, every motion of her hand a swift stroke, like a woodpecker on a tree. She did this until she was through writing her name and had our attention. 

“My name is Maria Felicia Limas and I will be your adviser for this school year,” she said as her veins showed on her bony neck, like every word is a struggle.