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The week of February 11th to 17th might be the week with the most happenings yet and thus is my first nominee of the year.

That Happy 7-day Streak

1. I started the week right with a chance skipping train and good old coffee and reliable hash brown -- probably one of the best ways to start a Monday. Plus, later on the day I found out I won a blogging/online contest that allowed me to pay some of my debts. Haha

2. Tuesday was a night to remember: three hours of strolling with Jey in UP while waiting for dear friends, dinner at Rodic’s, a visit to MainLib, first night of UP Fair (Happy UP Fair! – yes they really say that now), photo booth struggles, five long hours of hurting feet and strained knees but it’s all worth the wait for Spongecola, Ebe, Gloc9 and Parokya ni Edgar which totally marks my 2nd longest UP Fair ever!

3. It's little brother’s 19th birthday and I get to practice my cooking skills last Wednesday.

4. Thursday - It's Valentines’ Day and we had a team lunchout plus attended church service and it’s time to catch up for some MLC runs.

5. And then it’s friday friday, who doesn’t love fridays? Inuman/videoke session at Bob’s with loopers. This is starting to not be a very healthy year for my liver. I’ve got to abstain from drinking for a while after this.

6. Saturday is rest day with some catch-up on MLC runs as well.

7. And the day that concluded these awesome 7 days in a row is our 4th anniversary! Celebrated the event with my family for a dinner, next week will celebrate with his family naman.

Because this week is a little sad. And because this is strange of me, in most days I’m a really happy person inside. 

1. I have the best family ever. 

2. I got YOU right at boyfriend No. 1.
3. Best friends for keeps.

(For lack of a better picture, but I feel I'm really sexy here. Haha!)
4. I can eat, eat and eat without getting fat (fast).

5. And I have a passion that can last me a lifetime.

With just 2 months to go.

1. Go to HK and meet Mickey Mouse.
2. Learn to cook at least 3 new viands.
3. Go to UP Fair at 24. (Because some things might feel awkward after 25.)
4. Make a new friend.
5. Because I missed Lantern Parade. See lotsa-lotsa-lots of awesome fireworks.

This week started with a promise of a big thing by Friday. So in preparation, I vowed to make it a happy week, and not open a single page of exam reviewer. Sooo... 

How to prepare for a big day

Step 1. Declare the week a free week, and do only the “want” activities rather than the “needs”.

And at the same time, engage in a new game like Temple Run 2. But even doing so, you would only get a 400K score maximum because you’re that mind-body uncoordinated. Yes, even virtually. 

Step 2. Actually prepare for the big day. Gather the necessary papers, contact people who can help. 

Step 3. Add to happiness by claiming all unclaimed deal vouchers before the month ends.

Step 4. Very late dinner date with friends. Gamble the chance of taking the last mrt trip from an unfamiliar station. The sheer joy of catching up on the last train would bring euphoria and a hint of good luck that might just last the whole week. 

Step 5. Get on the big day with a full lunch from a favorite burger joint. Because burgers are the first favorite food to find. 

Then come Friday, life turned on its irony button right at my face. The big day arrived with all my papers ready and in-hand, and the big day was cancelled. And there's no date set yet. 

A lesson learned is not to actually prepare for big days. Because big days tend to be overrated.

Pitch Perrrfect

I watched Pitch Perfect last Saturday. Then I watched it the second time.

And the third time. 

And the fourth. Well, just the parts I love but still.. 

I loved it. In its entirety. 

Aside from the grand Bella performance, here's my favorite part:

You're one of those a cappella girls. I'm one of those a cappella boys, and we're gonna have a ca-children. It's inevitable.
You're really drunk right now. I don't think you're gonna remember any of this. 
No, I'm not drunk at all. You're just blurry.

You okay? Yeah? Yeah. You almost fell over? 
No, she didn't. You know, I could.
Can you pass a sobriety test right now?
Can you stand up straight?
See how I come right back?
And I come right back.
Right. Wow.
Can I get you a drink?
It sounds great.
I'm gonna get you a drink.
Go for it.
I think you need to get on this level.

I think the whole scene is honest and cute and just adorable. I have not felt kilig in a movie for a long time, and this scene brought my faith back. 

Hello, stranger

It was the first time I saw her. We both have common friends, and we didn't really talk to each other until..

She said that day, she saw her boyfriend cheat on her, and she plans to make his life miserable by dumping him days before his board exam.

And I've known her for just an hour over tinola and flavored tanduay ice. And that was the most personal thing a stranger said to me. And I have nothing to add.

What was the most personal thing you told a stranger?

Or like me, are you one of those who keep every thing deep inside until the chance present itself out, and you find yourself belting your heart on a crazed videoke shout-song, or binging on cheetos and a bucket of ice cream, or like this real time-ly, writing a blog post on a quiet Saturday night of how the week went, right or wrong, because there's something about writing, that is maybe as therapeutic as telling a stranger the day's secret.