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Aug 19 – 26
Last week was a first. A 2-day work week due to habagat and typhoon Maring and a midweek holiday. Though I didn’t enjoy it as I could have since I was sick the weekend before.

We watched Sinister. Did my study schedule. Got my Starbucks card hooray! And feasted on banapple pies I really should take my diet seriously.

Last Sunday, we took Devon to the vet and learned he has moist dermatitis. He has this huge bald spot he constantly scratched at for days now and we had to give him a sock so it’ll lessen the injuries.

But still a cutie.

And I’m taking charge of my health. Went to the clinic yesterday for my thyroid checkup after a very prolonged wait, I’m still yet to take my tests though.

And after we ate at Seafood Island care of Czari for her first blood and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery after. It was sooooo good.

And hence the reason I didn’t go to Luneta yesterday along with hundreds of Filipinos fighting to abolish the pork barrel. Well I have more reasons, but this one makes sense the most.

I really wanted to actually; maybe I just didn’t have the right companions.