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For the baby boomers, it is the Beatles.
For today's generation, it's Justin Bieber.
For most of us in my high school batch, it is the guy who played MVP in the basketball finals.
For me?

It is Westlife.

Westlife: My Childhood Loves

In 1999, I saw Westlife's cover of Seasons in the Sun and that particular moment started my fan-girling years. It was, in the most cliche I could get, love at first sight.

One thing I don't normally share is how I was most stricken with boybands at pre-teen years. Probably because boybands are like diskettes in an office talk. You can't really get out of the conversation without people commenting how old school it is.

Screw old school, here's my revelation:

I know, and memorize by heart, all boyband songs released in the country for years 1998-2001, I was in fourth grade then. I think it even spread until 2003 but I'm not so sure with that.

And though I am a self-confessed boyband fanatic, nothing rocked my little world like Westlife did. They're the only group where I would spend my hard-saved money for albums, posters and song hits (magazines). 

I remember I would spend my daily after-school time, not playing chinese garter with the neighborhood kids, but in front of the TV because that's the time a certain station would play a string of the group's MTV's. I also think that I became particularly well at memorizing facts they give high school students because I had a personal training in this feat way back. I memorized all of the boys' full names, birth dates, height, weight, what else -- history of how the band became what they were then. Name it, I knew all of those like I knew the back of my hand.

Seriously, without them, I would be a different person. Because if not for this boyband, these things below would have a different story.

If not for Westlife, I --
  • would not have met two of my best friends. Cheers to over 10 years of friendship! 
  • would not be writing. There were times I feel like boring my friends when I talked nonchalantly of the group; when this thing happens, I resort to writing my thoughts down in a diary. And that's how I met my hobby love, writing when no one's there to listen.
  • and I wouldn't be a dreamer, a believer and an optimist like I ended up to be. Being crazily addicted in my teens, I am just glad that Westlife sang of love, believing, hope and not anything negative. Being that young, I would have eaten up anything they have supported.

Last September 29, after 10 years or so, one of my oldest dreams came true. I got to see them, hear them, sing with them LIVE.

I was here! - a decade old dream

Setlist include (in order):
 When You're Looking Like That, World of our Own, What Makes A Man,
Safe, Home, My Love,
Coldplay's Viva La Vida, Rihanna's Only Girl, Black Eyed Peas' The Time, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance,
Seasons in the Sun, You Raise Me Up, I'm Already There, Flying Without Wings,
What About Now and Uptown Girl.

Being a momentous night for me, I was prepared to shed tears of joy anytime during the night so it was a surprise that I got through the show without getting too emotional. Their last song, Uptown Girl is one of my favorites. Upon hearing the beats, I jumped up to my seat and my friends did the same. (And I knew those who were still comfortably seating in Upper Box B did too!) I can't remember the last time singing Uptown Girl with much fervor prior the concert, oh I bet it was years. But singing it at that particular moment, belting my heart and lungs out, together with Westlife and 10-11,000 Pinoy fans -- it was surreal.

And even though I wasn't crazily addicted as I was before, that night, I felt a surge of emotions in me and I knew literally, that first loves never die. And that this boyband still has that special place in my heart, albeit that part is old and a little forgotten thru the long years.

I didn't anticipate it was possible, but I left the concert a big fan of Westlife once more. I knew that I would be singing their classic songs, and perhaps the new ones too, days, months, even years after that night.  

Screw old school.

Two things though:
I really wish they sang my favorite Westlife song, Swear It Again and, 
I miss Bryan. :'(