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Some things we don’t talk about

Rather do without, and just hold the smile…

Remember when I asked you of a part of your life that you feel have been pulled straight out of a movie? Well, I have a list.

You should know ours wasn’t my favorite though.

Yet there we were, in front of a college building so monumental, and so old, at the end of your three-day thinking ultimatum – and you said YES. And I was facing you, and I was supposed to look at you but I wasn’t.

You see, there were all these fireworks up in the sky behind you as you were talking. So I wasn’t really taking everything in. Only that you said yes, and that thin lights of bright colors were mutely bursting in the black sky.

No, ours wasn’t my favorite. But among others, it by far, had its happy ending.

...Falling in and out of love

Ashamed and proud of

Together all the while…

I want to live deliberately. I want to write and learn and walk through historical and scenic places I could have only dreamed before. I want to lose and find, and pick myself up like nobody else can. And only then will I return, or – Do you want to come with me?

You can never say never

Why don’t we all know when

Time and time again

Younger now than we were before…

As a child, a punctuation I always loved is the ellipsis – the empirical three dots. Is it for a last line of a repeat-until-fade song, or an ending that lingers? Is it for words that are yet to be said after the actual conversation? Is it for the momentary pause? Did we ever seem to get silence quite right?

I don’t know what’s it for, I never used it anymore…

Don’t let me go

I’m sorry.

Don’t let me go

I’ll try.

Don’t let me go

Will you hold me?