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"The point is you can't trust graduation goggles. They are just as
 misleading as beer goggles, bridesmaid goggles and that's-just-a-bulky-outdated-cellphone-
in-his-front-pocket goggles."
- Robin, The Exploding Meatball Sub, HIMYM

It's one thing to be familiar to an odd feeling when someone bids goodbye, but having a name for it, that's another story. 

And an easier one at that.

See, I've been all too familiar with that nostalgic feeling one gets by the end of something or ending a relationship with someone.

Think high school graduation, when all of a sudden everybody, and I mean everybody seem nice: the bully who taunted your huge pile of books that you look like a hunchback he says, and yes even the teacher who threatened you with a C and you freak out fearing you might not graduate. 

The people, the things that made the journey miserable in the end can miraculously transform themselves to a nostalgic, longing, even close to happy memory.

Add on sepia tones in the tune of that Sarah Mclachlan song --

          I will remember youuuuuuuuu

-- and there's your graduation goggles.

How often in the last day of school do we get to hear the "how I wish this will never end" thing?


In high school, it can even be sweet. We can all be too forgiving (and forgetful) of the past that we remember only the good things. But then later, on several parts of our lives comes the goggles, unwelcome-d and resentful.

- resigning from a crappy job

- breaking up with a cheater of a boyfriend

- leaving home

Don't get me wrong with the last one eh.

The thing is, whoever said "doubt means don't", perhaps hasn't heard of the goggles yet. 

Because in the end, we can't really trust the goggles, no matter how good they feel, because sometimes goodbyes are necessary and the goggles, they're never really enough reason to stay, most of the time, they're the actual reasons to leave.