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I didn't know when I started making lists. There was a time when I didn't make plans. But no, I could not remember the last time.

And those lists of things to do before turning a certain age, is clearly a bummer.

Yep, 24! :)
So I've fallen 24 last Friday. And falling this time feels uninhibitedly good.

And I'm loving Lighthouse Family again.

"Don't you think it's time you started
doing what you always wanted."
- High

"So it's best that you don't try
holding back the time.
Are you ever gonna be quite satisfied?"
- Postcard from Heaven

"This is my idea of heaven, 
why can't it always be so good?"
- Lost in Space

Yes, I joined the Hunger Games bandwagon; you see, I really didn’t have much choice. 

Early this year, I got so depressed with news that immediately hit home, and all I’m left with is a patiently waiting Hunger Games book in my desk drawer. It was looking at me like it knows exactly what I needed. 

I spent the whole day, the ENTIRE day dating Suzanne Collins. I was enthralled. And for one thing, I really couldn’t put it off, because when I do, my mind would just go survival mode with what happened in real life. And would immediately plan what I must do next. I didn’t want that; I couldn’t have that. 

So for one day, I immersed myself with the world of the Games. 

The Film

I wasn’t really much of a fan of novels-turned-films, reading and watching the other. I only read the first installment of the Twilight series, while Harry Potter fad is different, as the film took effect years after I read the books.

But reading and watching HG were different experiences altogether. I must say reading it before watching the film made me appreciate the story in depth, at the same time I can point out the parts they could have left out and vice versa.

The Good,

I really loved how high-tech the Games were depicted (manipulated terrain for one thing), my imagination hadn’t gone that far while reading the book.

The characters were really remarkable: Stanley Tucci was amazing, how Haymitch looked like was almost the same as what I’d imagined him, Jennifer Lawrence is really admirable as Katniss. And I didn’t really find Josh Hutcherson as attractive, but he turned out quite right in the end.

I think the movie overall is silent. And for the most part, the silence was breaking. But the silent reaping? It worked very well for me, I found it really intense.

The Bad,

Watching it in the big screen, I almost got a headache with the blurred, fast fighting scenes. I just wanted the fighting scenes to be over once they started.

While I was reading the book, I got really excited when Katniss sang for Rue. I thought it can be a great cinematic scene. Just like in The Lord of The Rings, one scene I could never forget was Pippins song while war scenes were being displayed. I thought Katniss’ song would be a very good way to depict the harsh reality of the Games, producing quite a dramatic interlude… But hey, the movie for the most part was in first-person—

It was in first-person and though there were parts where first-person was the best option, like Caesar Flickerman’s interview where it made Katniss’ emotions quite an experience. I personally think it can do better than the first-person narrative. For one, the tributes show-off to the judges would make a great scene too, and maybe help the audience not to confuse the tributes a bit.

and that particular detail I loved the most.

Prim remembering to tuck her shirt’s tail after her name was called out –

was priceless.

It was something I can totally relate to.