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Eeeeeee! Welcome back to meeeee!
I’m not sure if the overly E’s are for excitement or self-irritation.
I’m thinking the latter, but I think I’m being hard on myself again.
So I was MIA. For a month.
And I swear if it hadn’t been for a particular thing, I won’t even be back here.
Not that I’ve never done it before. In fact, I am so so used of stopping, writing.
I reached the HOLE.

I didn’t know if I still want to do this thing anymore. But then there’s this list (not that I’ve written it down…) uh wait, I actually did WTH :|
Again, there’s this list, of the things I wanted to do before a certain age, and this writing whatever-you-call-it is one of them. And the next few months are the perfect days to start it but now I am just totally disillusioned.
I needed to go back to the “idea-seeding” part, when everything seemed to turn out… better.
The Experiment

Last Monday, I watched The Experiment with my sisters and we all liked it. The movie’s good, but we liked the idea behind it more.

If you’re given a role in the society to play, perhaps a pre-school teacher or a human rights activist, pick whatever you like; how far would you be willing to carry your part? Far enough to leave your truths? Far enough to change your values? Far enough to lose yourself?
Really, how much of ourselves can society define?
It’s quite stimulating, and the fact that an actual experiment happened forty years ago ending with almost the same results as the movie interests me more. And it’s kind of scary.
Reminds me why I wanted to take Psychology six years ago.
The Big Bump Theory
One of the good things that happened in the first quarter of the year is this:
I was introduced to a sitcom.
After two seasons, I can’t get enough of it.
And my Wednesdays were so wait-for-it.
You know, before The Big Bang Theory, I never really watch sitcoms. Or at least for five years or so. I’m just not a fan.
But with TBBT, I immediately embraced the freshness, the sweetness and the canned (or live) laughter.
It’s my first ever sitcom love.
Until the last episode for this season.
When I finished Season 4, it’s as if I wanted to cry. All the magic TBBT has died in the last episode.
With just twenty minutes airtime, the last ep ruined what I’ve been eagerly following for three months. It was such a solid downfall. #crycry