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My Purple Thumb

Last Monday, May 13, Filipinos held the national elections. And at 25, it was my first time to vote. Yes, I’m guilty of not voting in 2010 elections together with my family, as in all 6 of us. But nevertheless, I’m just glad that I get to practice suffrage finally.

These were the senators I voted for:

Angara, Edgardo
Casino, Teddy
Hagedorn, Ed
Cayetano, Alan Peter
Gordon, Dick
Hontiveros, Risa
Pimentel, Koko
Trillanes, Antonio IV

Although I’m a part of a religious group which more or less practice unity when it comes to elections; in most ways, I try to be ideal and hold my personal values quite intact -- this is why I practically dragged my family to register in the last day of voting registration last year in October.

There are some things we just don’t compromise.

My top pick was Gordon but sadly he landed on the 13th spot. Sigh.

May 19 is JACI’s Day

JACI stands for me and my siblings, the first letter of our names in the order of our birth: Joy April Czarry Ivan. Cool huh.

Last May 19, the four of us went to Star City . Before that though, we attended church service and then had lunch at Burgoo, my treat. And we all realized we didn’t like steak. (Even when I ate one at Vikings, I didn’t really appreciate it very much. I’m a faithful Baby Back Ribs lover. Haha)

Ever since I went to HK with my sister, I felt that my fear of heights had lessened. And if given the chance, I think I will accept the challenge of Star Flyer but Czarry and Ivan didn’t want to so we opted for the less height-scary rides.


For missing Sex and The City, I found Girls.

I remember staying up until two on college Friday nights with my sister, watching the latest Sex and the City copies that we have, with a bowl of home-made popcorn, until our eyes would shut involuntarily and we have to resist watching just one more episode.

I remember the long lines of the last full shows on the first night of the two SATC movies, and going home almost midnight with our feet wet with street water I think it was August.

That was Sex and the City for me eight years ago, with the friendship, and the girls, and their love lives, and of course the sex. Now, at 25, I’m currently watching Girls.

The main characters are also four girls but in their early 20s (the lead role is 25 which may be why I find the series relatable) who are struggling in their life as young adults. Problems with boyfriend being too nice, guys who won’t commit, job and career-wise, the easy communication brought by technology trivializing relationships.

Girls are easy and honest and just light, without the heavy drama or phony smoothness of some tv shows.

And my favorite character’s Marlie. I feel her uptight-ness, and serious nature is characteristic of me.