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July 28 – Aug 4

I do know that something’s wrong in my life right now, at age 25 and three months old. And I made steps to remedy that, I used to have three alternatives actually but they’re all gone now, and I’m a little back to square one except that I have a little more money and someone at work trusted a bigger responsibility on me.

I guess at 25 and 3 months old, I wasn’t a total loser that I sometimes think I am.

Nope, definitely not.

I am one optimistic bitch who don’t take No’s too easy.

Plus I’ve got sleeps in between lately that might just be the reason of this sudden positivity.

Last July 30, I treated my former officemate to a dinner. We ate at Brgr in Jupiter and made our own burger creations.

I also watched Before Midnight that weekend. I’ve actually been meaning to, I just didn’t realize that my sister already has a copy. I still like the 2nd one the most, Before Sunset, but it’s great to see and be updated with them after 9 years.

On August 2, we had a bridal shower for a college orgmate at Victoria Court. It was my first time to go there. Haha

And on the 4th, Cinemalaya! I’ve always been a Cinemalaya fan way back college and I always make an effort not to miss it. This year, J and I with some college friends watched Sana Dati and Ekstra, both of which got awards in the recent festival.

I like Ekstra more, getting to see Vilma Santos had always been a wonder; while Sana Dati’s illustrious and dreamy states are familiar and nicely done.