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I've always thought that when I star in a movie of my imagination, it will be as grandiose and magical as in Tim Burton's movies like Big Fish and Alice in Wonderland. So I will make it so... 

It starts one morning I wake up before going to work, when I notice that things seem different. When I look though, everything is at their proper places: I still live in my house with my family and three dogs, so I dismiss the initial thought and go back to my daily routine and start preparing for work. 

I'm taking a bath when suddenly a black hole appeared in the bathroom floor, large enough to fit me in. But I was alert and got out of there quickly, only to find out that my room, the sala and the house as a whole were all covered in trees so green with thick vines and roots I could not see the flooring and the walls anymore. I scamper towards the other rooms looking for my parents and my brother and sisters but they're all gone, their beds untidy like they hurried to get out of it. 

I realize I am completely alone in our house, and the walls start to close in, and the black hole grew bigger by the minute until I was sucked inside to no one knows where... 

I wake up in the middle of a vast field when I hear someone approaching, a chariot led by black dogs, but huge dogs they could eat me alive if they will to. I hid myself under a rock until they have gone past my way. 

Then suddenly someone or something coughed behind me, and I jumped. I looked and it was a little man, probably one foot tall at the most, and he looks at me with questions in his eyes. I figured I could just kicked him with my karate skills if he became nasty. But he didn't and he seemed to be a friend, well at least at the moment. And he told me what happened just hours before I magically appeared out of nowhere.

He told me his name is Abanaga and I'm in Ra-a Kingdom, an alternate universe from Earth, where animals are vehemently large and served as the rulers, and humans are like ants in Earth, minute and quickly dispensable. Abanaga said they start "importing" humans from Earth to teach them how to be as tall as us, so they can change roles with the animals, and rule Ra-a like we do on Earth. As he said this though, I felt myself shrinking and shrinking to his size. Abanaga sigh, this always happens he said, when they import humans, they too shrink to their size. 

I also learned that my family is in the care of their leader, a large hawk whose wings expand to an entire field. He said when Hawk took trips to look for humans as its meal (and I gasped because then my family is in real danger), its wings covers the sky completely as if it's night.

Then and there, I vowed to rescue my family from the claws of the evil human-eating Hawk. And Abanaga said I can't do it alone. "You need us", he said. Apparently he meant the hundreds and thousands of little people like Abanaga (and me too unfortunately). 

And so we devised a plan that would overthrow Hawk and the hundreds of huge animals by luring them to eat poisoned "human bones and meat". Until the little humans, however small, took to rule Ra-a and I saved my family and together we were sucked into the black hole once again, this time towards our house in Earth. Back our home. 

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