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In the stretch of March and April until May 9, I dragged myself everyday to fulfill the duties of MLC studies. It wasn’t really as bad as it may sound; until I turned 25 and only spent a day to celebrate (I was so used to making April, my birth and favorite month, occupied with the things I love doing). But I guess I had to sacrifice that part.

So in those more than two months of seclusion, nothing much happened except for the never-ending review, late night cuddling up with Devon with the desk lamp shade as the only light and the regular 10-minuted 9gag trip which served as my pastime on study breaks.

But at some point there were good days and moments that made those sacrifice months better, and thus the list of the little things that counted nevertheless:

Luma-life peg

I’m not really a big fan of superhero movies. Most of the time, I go with the movie’s storyline, so the time spent swooshing in the air, saving random people from bad guys (and sometimes from doing stupid things), getting the girl – I find that whole stuff dragging until the inevitable happy ending of saving the world that is characteristic to superhero movies.

But then I watched Avengers last year and had a great time, and immediately crush on RDJ even though most of my friends swooned over Thor. 

So when Iron Man 3 came out, I intend not to miss riding the bandwagon.  And boy I loved that. I’m crushing on RDJ even more and on his character. He was actually very inspiring in that movie. *gushes*


Last April 13, J took me to Vikings. And it was happiness.

Family Blessings

Both of my sisters graduated this year. My younger sister graduated from Miriam College as cum laude and our eldest graduated from her master’s degree in UP OU. And I’m one proud sister!

Taken at UP Open University, Los Banos Laguna
during our older sister's graduation

Pitong Patibong, etc

These past months I left my creative side rot, which is why I vowed to turn it around after my MLC exam. Watching Pitong Patibong, which my friend found advertised in facebook, was my first step. I have also finished reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. And I again read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (I’m not sure if I finish reading it before eh), coupled with short writing assignments on the side. Add to that writing rakets and some blogging perks. All these until end of June where I am again expecting a major career decision (haha!) to take place. It’s getting sooner by the day, but I still have more than a month, I just hope it’s ample time for me to be happy that I am again taking a step towards the “writer” I feel I am.


My mom was one of five winners of Wilkins in their Mother’s Day contest, and we have unlimited Wilkins supply in the house for an estimated 6 months. Hehe