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If I could fly, I would fly by writing.

I wish I could tell you of a more worldly reason for blogging, like empowering women or teaching environmental awareness.

But I won’t.

Blogging, to me, is a lot more personal.

I started blogging in my Friendster account
and called it the Underground Solitude. More like a rock band name, I would say. Then I shifted to Multiply, having written almost a hundred posts in a span of one and a half year. Both were personal blogs where I wrote details of my everyday life; happenings in school, org activities and lovelife. But that was a long time ago; I, a student and a lot younger.

I stopped writing when I had my first job. Somehow, earning some cash by my own led me to forget my dear habit and instead focus on earning money to buy for food, necessities and luxuries. When I found out about internet contests, I made a blog with the sole purpose of joining online promos and contests, making me a P1000 restaurant GC richer or a Sony PSP richer. There were times when I used my writing habit to win contests, and I did bag some.

And I was happy, but only for a moment – I was missing something completely.

Why I blog and why I write is beyond any restaurant GCs or any electronic devices.

I write to know more about myself.
I write to be inspired.
I write to live.
And in the long run, I want to blog so I can know more about the world.
I blog to inspire other people that I may never know.
And I blog so that, I hope, others could find more reasons to be happy, even for just a while.
With Learn, Laugh, Love Today, I would like to share my personal experiences and thoughts with much gusto and eagerness. This is my personal blog. Only UN-personalized.

To end, I would like to share one of my most recent sweet moments that I somehow could not get off my mind. I hope this makes you smile as I did.

One Saturday afternoon, while waiting for my boyfriend in SM North, I went to BioResearch since I am very fond of animals, especially dogs, especially pugs. I followed my usual BioResearch routine, scanning first the birds and the rodents (rabbits, guinea pigs and dagang costas are the ones available). Next are the marine animals with too many varieties of fish and the turtles. And lastly is my favorite (yes, I usually save the best for last even in my BioResearch trips), the dogs.

Since there is no pug around, I am intently looking at the other dog breeds to find something I could at least adore in the brief trip. I also noticed that in that particular afternoon, they have three cats. Standing in front of a small grey-to-black terrier, I noticed a cat uttering mute meows to the guy in front of it. But this guy, in an orange polo shirt, didn’t seem to notice. He was looking at the small dog, located a cage on top of the cat. An unlikely dog, I think, considering the orange guy’s built.

When the guy left, I instantly took his post and stood in front of that cat. It didn’t meow. It was a grey, maybe Persian cat. A little medium built compared with the other cats in the store, not a kitten anymore, I noticed. In an attempt to fish some affection from the cat like the ignoring orange guy had, I touched the glass (no, I didn’t knock or tapped it).

To my surprise, the cat stretched out its left paw as far as it can manage, seemingly reaching out to touch my glass hand. I was astonished; it did manage to stay in that position for a few more seconds until finally the cat grew tired. It could have ended with that and I would have a happy cat memory even though I do not like cats. But this sweet medium-sized cat tried a little more. Staring directly at my glass hand, the cat hit its cage bars with its head. Not once, not thrice. In fact, its head hit the cage too many times that I took my hand out. I was touched; I instantly fell in love with it.

Like the cat who is in need of the human touch, I will keep hitting the keyboard keys to write. I will keep hitting them until I learned so much about the world, until I inspire others I do not know, until readers find my blog as a happy pill.

Only then will I be a happy blogger.

Amazing photo by Sarolta Ban from yurock.net.