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My mom is a hoarder.

Not that I am a human being who struts without imperfections, but my mom really is. Of cute little stuffs but when put tens or hundreds of it together, we can totally open up a store of –

red ribbons,

pre-school and elementary books,

much old kiddie toy.

We talked of these with her recently and she seemed to be as shocked with the enormous space they took. And so we began to clean up. We started giving out the toys and books to the little homeless kid that goes around our area everyday. Except for our super old clothes, that is. I don’t think we could ever convince her on disposing those. I think it has a lot to do with the past.

Oh yes, there goes that old P again.

When we talked of mom about this hoarding thing, she never said a thing about it but I think she knows we’re just as guilty as charged, particularly me.

Only my hoarding habit took less space in our house. And they were organized by these cute boxes.

I made the purple box from excess wallpaper back
when I'm not too lazy for my sweet nothings

But nevertheless, boxes of the most irrelevant things like

concert tickets, entrance band, labels, letters (too many letters),
hotel & restaurant tissues and red ribbon (i think i got this from my mom)

is disturbing!

Just looking at this old lit candle probably from one of my high school retreat alarms me. Why did I even keep that? 

Like a pool of pensieve, every touch of these little seemingly useless things depicts a shadow of long-ago stories.

Do you also keep such things too? In hundreds?

I guess it has a lot to do with the past.

And there goes the old P again.