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Last Friday, I watched Monsters University with my friends in SM Megamall. And though I haven't really watched the first monster movie, Monsters Inc, I found it so adorable and cute that I immediately downloaded the first one this weekend, which marks the first movie I ever downloaded on my own! Aye new record!

For a week now, I've been enjoying free internet in my tablet care of, I think, Smart. But I have entirely no idea how I got that. I mean, mine's a prepaid sim card, and in automatic, I turn off the wifi and GPS (to save battery supposedly). And lastly, I haven't loaded the thing in three months! To be honest, I'm not such an internet-lover-every-minute kind of person, but my waiting time which before was most spent reading novels and stocks stuff had turned to browsing facebook, 9gag and overheard posts (that I admittedly like but I'm not so good at resisting I hope I won't turn into an internet addict, at least not again). I seriously don't know if I like or hate this free internet all the time. Haha

But really... Free? Is always better!

Last June 8, we had our company outing in Club Manila East in Taytay. It was actually my first company outing (the whole company I mean) after 4 years so I can't really pass it off. It was fun; we enjoyed a lot of team building activities including cheering (that we won!), mind games (that I kind of hate because I purposely left my workmode-brain at home) and jumping rope (that I found out I suck at). 

Pink Panthers

And for me, it was a day without reason and purpose and a tablet that reminds me of the schedules I need to keep. It was my free day. After the short-lived but most of the time depressing MLC, after the deadlines and the harassed zombie-like days, after I hope the un-me. 

It was my free day, kayaking in the middle of far-from-familiar, with nothing in my hands but a pair of shades and -- yup, just a pair of shades. 

The world went on for a day without me and for a while, it felt like everything, EVERYTHING is totally okay...

But that was a far three weeks ago and I swear it is weird talking about free and fun and relaxation when at present it's really otherwise, that is why I really need to blog sooner rather than later, which I always strive to do to no avail.

*I tell you about the three weeks that came after. Hopefully, I will get to that.*