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The three weeks that came after the company outing at Club Manila East had been a little disorienting. First off, half of the year is almost at its end and that always deserves a think-through. But all of my think-throughs, though they left me encouraged and empowered, also leaves me a little depressed as well. I think I should stop doing think-throughs if I can be just a little bit non-masochistic about these kinds of things but...

Just a few days after “my break”, I realized I’m in a kind of infatuated position for some quiet several weeks now, which sucked, and it made me conclude that I don’t really have guy friends I could turn to for some guy’s point of view things, not that I need it now. I mean, I don’t think I need it now right at this moment, it just seemed very weird to acknowledge something missing.

Waiting for the MLC results is a very tiring task, and with less than a week now, I’m completely tired out I don’t know what to feel once they’re out. 

Our new schedule which started last week is disconcerting. Of course it has its advantages but the underlying reason that led to this change calls them off. And I can do nothing but participate.

I wish for a new phase in my life, is my biggest goal for the year.

And I’m currently acting on that, quite aggressively to be honest. It’s just sad that I’ve been trying to find that new phase for a very long time now, and here I am. Here I still am. Forlorn and defeated, trying for maybe the 20th time…

I sincerely hope, and with concrete actions I do on the side that the next time I’ll get to this particular topic of the next three weeks, I’m too excited of this new phase even this blog can’t hide

[UPDATE: On July 7, the MLC results are out and I didn't make it.]