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The world is full of good vibes. Even in this tiring week.

We celebrated independence day by taking Devon to the vet, had him xray-ed, and found no needle whatsoever. And I came out a proud Mama pug.

Last Friday, Jun 14, was quite eventful for me. Went to SM Aura for the first time for the ASP quarterly meeting, did some retail therapy because some side of me think I need it badly, watched Man of Steel with Ate care of Nuffnang and Schick. I love free blogging events! 

A day after that, J & I ate at Dad's. As if buffets are so ordinary now. As if we'll do this all this time. 

Crush level: flipped

             " Iyung tipong tatayo ka from your desk para makita ng mas maigi si crush. Pero di                         
             ka na makatingin, kasi nakatingin na siya sayo. Haha Chasesallthebluesawayyy "

And a good thing:

             " Fancies me how dreams from the past still hold true after all this time. "

It's a big place, and I can feel happy if I will it to be.