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I welcomed June in Ace Water Spa with J and 2 of my best friends from college.

We first had an overnight at our house, me playing the host this time, so they can finally meet Devon , my pug. Then we left home at around 8 and waited for J in Mcdo Banawe for almost an hour. We arrived at Ace Water Spa at around 10:30.

It’s funny how such simple things can go unforeseeably wrong. For one thing, the black tankini I bought in Freeway turned out to be cotton, which I only found out that day after three years. And an innocent light bulb realization lingers in my head: that’s why it’s tight all this time, it goes, even when I shed an inch of belly fat. Mystery solved.

But cotton wasn’t allowed in the pool, the lady in blue who pointed out my black cotton tankini said. And I should have brought my other swimsuits is what I kept thinking; only it was a 1-hr fx ride too late. Luckily, my girlfriend who brought a bikini she originally planned to wear with an overcoat like in a beach offered to lend it to me. Only I don’t wear bikini, and sure my tummy’s not ready for it.

But in the end, we all get to wear each other’s swimsuits. It was a funny thing.

After 30-minutes of stressing over tummy fats, and a locker that wouldn't close, and the uniform red head gear ala Stepford wives, we finally let lose ourselves in the pool. Yup, girls, you say.

And J had already explored half of the place. Thus again, Mars vs Venus.

It was 4 hours of water bliss: water that pound on our head and shoulders as if in a falls; drumrolls on our back like we’re mighty Samsons; jets of alternating fast and soft plunges that can only make us laugh out loud.

I really like the Hot Herbal Pools (ours were mint, jasmine and lavender) and the idea of alternating it with the cold pool for 3 minutes each. But we didn't made it to the cold pool. We probably stayed there 5 seconds tops, our teeth chattering like we’re rabbit caricatures of ourselves.

We had our lunch at around 2 already, in Maki Haus, a Taiwanese restaurant a couple of blocks away. And after that, milk tea in Lucky Tea although I never really got the hang of it, of the craze and the various tea stalls that emerged in every corner out of nowhere.

But when you’re with good friends really, it doesn't matter whether you got the saddest-tasting milk tea of the bunch, and because you’re too safe to spend something you might not really like you order Dark Chocolate with RS&C because chocolate and dark at that works all the time (it didn't, just to add); you'll drink out of theirs too anyway. Or if you brought a cotton swimsuit to an indoor pool that forbids it (and by now, you might think how na├»ve I am because I didn't recognize it but I’m not very knowledgeable about clothes in the first place) because your friend brought an extra bikini you sure can borrow.

It didn't matter. It’s that first day of June, and shame on distance and maturity that sucks out the life in Life, we have jetting waters and lucky milk teas on our side.

Happy nearing 2013’s 2nd half!