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Last night, I slept with this scene in my head.

John and Araia got out of the grocery store in time for the ballgame. Each with paper bags in one hand, their other hand holds the other's as they traverse their way to the parking lot. He's pacing fast, at times a step ahead of her, but he keeps her pace with a tightened grip of her small hand when needed. 

Then Araia stops, looks at his confused and slightly irritated stare, and pouts, mocking him. It probably is the ballgame.

I love you, she says. Whispers, actually. Astounded by a sudden declaration of affection, he smiles coyly. Light shades of crimson red covered his face and with a smile, he leaned his head closer and kissed her. Bodies apart, like two teenage lovers, afraid yet excited to touch the world. 

They continued walking towards the parking lot; John in strides, Araia in two steps at once, to keep up in her three-inch heels.

When they reached his car, he insisted she get in, holding the door for her like a chauffeur. He put their grocery bags, which have already grown lopsided with their hastiness, in the trunk.

And with hurried movements, he closed the trunk and walked huge steps towards the driver's seat to join Araia. 

Photo Source: Enchanted