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On my month, (oh yes, I therefore declare the next month to be mine) I'll run a marathon.

Two actually, in eight days.

04.02.11 Hyundai Accent Run a.k.a The Mass Run

04.10.11 NatGeo Earth Day Run a.k.a. The Elitist Run

And today I officially started preparing. =)

Step One: Cross-over lunch at Dad's. Our treat. Had 2 1/2 dishes and 2 dessert servings. What diet?
Step Two: Jog around Ayala Triangle.
Step Three: Just thought blogging about preparing for these marathons might actually trigger the actual prep so here is.

Step Four: Shop for shorts.
Step Five: Register on NatGeo (kahit mahaaaalll). 

Step SOON: Will update since I only plan one day ahead now.. Now that's new.