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So this is March's version of --

or torn between doing what needs to be done and the short-lived but oh-so fun things

That's how it turned out, one thing I do when struck with the (and this used to be occasional) usual bouts of laziness is watching movies. The 2-hour (most of the time this includes pee and snack time) getaway is undoubtedly my favorite pastime ever (note to self: blogging/writing didn't even came close, I actually have a love-hate relationship with that one).

So with a bucket of Hershey’s Chocolate Ice Cream and lots and lots of chips, I was off to Wonderland with:


If you’re given a drug that would allow you to use the full 100% capacity of your brain (I’ve read that we can only use around 20% of it) with minimal side effects every day without stopping, because once you stop, you die; I know the last part’s scary but if the drug supply is limitless, just think about the endless possibilities of a fully-functioning brain.

It’s interesting really: everything you’ve read, learned, heard or saw is stored somewhere inside just waiting to be picked up. It’ll be like reading a dictionary and the next day, you’re a walking thesaurus. It also helps one to multitask a LOT of things and focus in each one smoothly.

Just thinking of the things I can do if I have that drug:
  • I could pass actuarial exams all in one take, with approximately 7 days of review in each.
  • I could finish my work before lunchtime.
  • I could write blog posts everyday and make sense.
  • I could try the stock market and get rich.
  • Or frequent a casino with state-of-the-mind poker techniques and still get rich.
Ow, Life!

And I found my own Brad Pitt! I actually don’t get why women go gaga over BP and men go hands-off with this male Aphrodite; I think he’s too jaw-y.

But anyway, as I said, I found my own and it’s Bradley Cooper! I know I liked him on Valentines Day but this movie sells him so well. And he can really act too!


Right now is definitely not my best time to hear a successful true story on blogging. Most of the time, this writing project I spoiled myself with feels like I’m shooting hoops aimlessly, everywhere. Sometimes, even going back to the primary (and overly optimistic) reasons for this doesn’t help.

I just know that I needed to do this blogging/writing thing, once and for all. To keep my nagging self of what if’s in the future.

THAT is my most honest reason for this.

Just what Julie Powell did in the movie, and look at her, she had her happy ending.

Anyone? Anybody out there? Hello???


It’s amazing how the supporting casts of the high-school-themed film Mean Girls are everywhere now, think Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams in Time Traveler’s Wife. Where is LiLo? I kind of miss her, despite all the nasty drama, she did made a number of feel-good films.



I know Johnny Depp had been the sexiest man for quite a long time but what's with all the either drunk/lost/rugged/freak roles he always seem to portray?

I'd love to see him as a typical working man next time; I think he's had his share of too many crazy roles.



Swoon, I'm taking THE exam mid-May.