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For a year or two now, I have since refused to expand my interest on TV series. After Sex and the City and Grey's Anatomy which I had been addicted to the first time I laid eyes on, I watched a couple of episodes/seasons of Lost, House, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill and Nip/Tuck but they didn't interest me enough to go gaga for the next episodes/seasons.

And don’t start with me on Glee: I was a certified Gleek for a time but that didn't have me so umph-ed for Season 2. It's different watching a series in DVD where you can do series marathon for hours, from watching the series in real-time and you have to wait seven days more for the next episode. I recently concluded Glee does not deserve to give me that seven-day wait of torture. I’ll just wait for a complete pirated DVD instead.

Meanwhile, my newest TV addiction after the over-Sex-ed and the City and the dramatically exhausting Grey’s Anatomy is – wait for it


When I first heard about The Big Bang Theory, I thought it was a band name. Seriously.

About The Big Bang Theory

TBBT is about two cute genius-roommates: experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter and theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper; and their neighbor Penny, a blonde waitress/aspiring actress. Two other character roles are Howard Wolowitz, an Aerospace engineer who freaks out women with his very tacky lines and Rajesh Koothrapali, a particle astrophysicist who is so freaked out with women he can’t talk to them without being sober. The four’s genius and intellect are played in contrast with Penny’s layman behavior as they discover a new range of possibilities in the ‘outside’ world.

Everybody loves Sheldon

At the end of Season 1, I feared they would focus on Sheldon for the next season since he’s a crowd-pleaser, heard he even won an Emmy for the act. But I’m not very pleased with Sheldon, especially the episodes fully devoted to his character. I think there’s too much of him in every episode that I easily get tired of his long science spiels and his famous blunt facade.

…but not me

On the other hand, I so like Leonard. He’s my favorite character in the series. It’s like he’s a breather from the overly scientific dialogues of Sheldon and the most of the time no-good Penny talk. I like his character’s dilemma, being in the middle of two worlds, the science world that he’s always been familiar with and the ‘outside’ world he’s too eager to explore.

I also find his fluctuating voice tone cute, but I’m thinking this liking would wear off soon; and his smile absolutely charming. Hihi. Kilig lang What I don’t like is the way he extends his forehead, as if to look taller. (It doesn’t help that he’s short.) It’s like he’s looking through his nose or nosebridge or something.

Above all these, I do think he’s the only REAL character in the series, since all others are solid stereotypes in Season 1: Penny a dumb blondie, Sheldon a brainiac and Howard and Raj are… Basta, they haven’t developed their characters yet, the rest are still paper dolls to me except for Leonard.

Anyway, just what I feared, Season 2’s like Sheldon & Co.

the big bang BANG!

I have only watched Season 1 and half of Season 2 since my sister (who is also my TV buddy) is easily overdosed with TBBT and you know a joy shared is a joy doubled so I’m not watching it alone. I’m hoping by mid-March we’re through with seasons 3 and 4 so I can catch up with the most recent episodes. And hopefully, being up-to-date would encourage me to write more big bang entries.

Have you watched it already? I suggest you would if you haven’t yet; I found it totally addictive!

Here’s to more Bazinga moments!