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My favorite book, From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan Carroll
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I first read this book when I was thirteen, too young I must say for a book that talks about the biggest questions regarding life and death. As expected, I never really understood it that time.

A couple of years and two readings later, I had a deeper comprehension of this complicated novel and fell in love with it. I now regard Jonathan Carroll as my favorite author although I've only read one book from him.

How many books have you read from your favorite author before regarding him as such?

Anyway, perhaps if I can get a copy of this, I'd read it again and post a commentary about it. Soon I hope.

Just in case you're interested, below is a synopsis for the book:
While on holiday in Sardinia, Ian McGann goes to sleep one night--and meets Death in a dream. It promises to answer any of McGann's questions, but if he fails to understand the answers he will have to pay with his life. 
In Hollywood, the famous actress Arlen Ford realises at the height of her career that she is lost in her life, and must drop out of it if she is to save herself. Giving up everything, she flees to Europe where she meets war correspondent Leland Zivic. From the beginning their relationship is astonishing and all-consuming. Arlen has been waiting for this man all her life.
And in Vienna, the terminally ill Wyatt Leonard suddenly discovers that he has the ability to raise the dead.
How all three of these extraordinary fates converge is the story of Jonathan Carroll's remarkable From the Teeth of Angels, a novel which goes deeper and farther than any of the author's previous work. It is both dangerous and essential.