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Happy Valentines!

Ano para sa iyo ang araw na to?

Valentines Day?
Lovey-Dovey Day?

O kaya naman

Single Awareness Day?
Aware Ako na Single Ako Day?
KMN Day?

Or kung idealistic ka katulad ko
Kahit na ganu ka-elusive ang pag-ibig sayo
Pwede rin namang

I’m in love with Life Day!

Titigil na ko, corny na. :D

I do think kahit san man tayo ngayon sa buhay natin, it’s always wonderful to celebrate love. Love for self, love for strangers, love for the 10-minute moring walk and the dry leaves along the sidewalk. Love for life.

It’s a day to celebrate what or who you have, and do not have. For all you know, this may be the last day IT is missing.

Happy Hearts’ Day!

Below post is a happy true story of a long-ago past when somewhere I’ve learned that when we close some doors, our options are narrowed and fantasies may have more chances to be realized.

Maybe it is also a good day of closing doors.

What do you think?

August 3, 2008

Again, the problem with us is that nothing was ever said final. There was never a closure for the good things and the bad things. Everything left unsaid, we left all our hopes open for maybe the right time. Although I did that for so long, I am not anymore proud.

But I write you this with a smile because today I finally found the closure I needed.

I was in UP for my sister’s UPCAT and you were sitting on monobloc chairs with your friends. You’re wearing a black cap and a black shirt while playing a guitar. And your friends look at you as if you’re telling them a guitar trick.

It was surreal: the cold rain, you and your friends, I at 10am in the morning, and the raindrops fixed on the car’s window.

Then you smiled, not your faint smile, not your thin smile. It was a shy smile, the boy-next-door smile while you fixed your eyes on the chords of the guitar and perhaps start a new tune. I saw it, and I know it was the closure I needed.

For many times, I have anticipated a closure for the two of us: a chance encounter, a lunch date, an hour talk over the phone. But this may be the best closure there is. I saw you happy and I know I’m happy, what else is there left to say. I forgive you without bitterness and remember you with the shy smile I have last seen you with.