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July 21 – 27

It’s so true that upon seeing that one wrong thing in a picture for the first time, the whole picture would start to fall apart. The gap would serve as a bridge to the other mistakes in the puzzle that wasn’t visible before, in fact even felt okay but how surprisingly contrived they feel now. And thus enter the concept of reality goggles, once I had it on, my corporate picture again turned gray.

In grayscale, I started noticing and acknowledging how lonely I really was and how the alternative can be way better. My next activities with J even fueled that now fact.

Last July 26, Globe sponsored a Wolverine screening, and they have a ticket to spare so lucky for me. I did crush on Hugh Jackman in his Les Miserables days so I could not pass on this one.

There, I felt the huge difference of working in Globe compared with ours that Friday afternoon. They were perky and lively, and leave office at 5 to watch a movie screening for free spells it all. It reminded me of my college days.

At work, I’ve often wondered if it’s possible, to actually be genuinely happy with your work and your co-workers that daily life at work wouldn’t be so much of a burden. And then I’ve seen that it can, and I continued to wallow in deep remorse of how cruel my work-life can be while stuck in a 2-hr feast on Hugh Jackman’s abs.

And on the 27th, I accompanied J in his badminton tournament sponsored by again, Globe where they won 2 matches out of 3. I am starting to realize how important in my given deteriorating state of mind that I find a hobby.

I don’t do sports. I’ve sworn to jog around the Triangle after work and even left workout clothes in my drawer but I did that only once I am so not proud. (But I really hope to, it’s just raining hard recently.) My main hobbies are reading books, watching movies and writing/blogging. But I feel that I needed more, something new in my life that is not work-wise because I seem to not have a big say on that no matter how hard I try.

Maybe I’m not meant to be happy at work; after all I’m happy with almost everything else besides.