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Because misery kills and therefore should not win me over, here are 5 pretty little things for the week (July 7-13). I’ve been meaning to make this a blog habit, and to be honest, I think I need this more than ever because lately I’ve been one of them old pessimist rats.
I hope soon [not anymore].
… and I won’t tell them your name.
I started the week like the old me, and downloaded new finds/alternative songs, which in most days would suit my everyday temperament. They weren’t really new songs, perhaps it was the first time that I’ve heard of them. My recent favorites include: Breathless by BTE, Everybody’s Changing by Keane, Human by The Killers, Name by Goo Goo Dolls and Overjoyed by Matchbox 20.
Music-wise, I am so stuck in the 90s.
* * *

Burgers… How I so love burgers. I think this fascination was fueled with that best-burger episode of How I Met Your Mother (I miss them already!) and since then I’ve tried a string of burgers from Maple, BRGR, Brother’s Burger, Crave and the immediate bestselling burgers of the most popular fast foods in town.
So when I was a little depressed on Thursday, J decided to bring me to Charlie’s. We ordered a Black Angus Burger (I forgot its whole name). I loved it, the 240-peso burger made up for its size, and with a depressed me I could eat the whole thing very easy. They also have a variety of condiments available, and there’s mustard!
* * *

On Jogging.
Okay it embarrasses me to admit but I think this is the first time I went for a jog this year. (Insert long sad face) I really should come out more often than this. And I said that like a sweeping declaration, but 7 days later and I haven’t gone out for a run yet. Though in my defense, I wasn’t feeling well lately.
and this Week’s Pick-Me-Ups.
This week’s pick-me-ups include Amici’s Choco Sansrival and Starbucks’ Mocha Cookie Crumble care of their buy 1 take 1 promo. It pains me to think that I need more and more pick-me-ups as time passes.
And last Saturday, we celebrated Papa’s birthday and got him a cake. A whole round Sans Rival that I love.