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Free Starbucks planner FTW!

Months before 2012 ended, I thought of collecting stickers for that fancy ever-famous coffee shop planner. I was really never a Starbucks fan even now. I'm not really sure what got to me, maybe just for a change. Or maybe because I already have four stickers out of the 17 collectibles, and I have a whole lot of weekends to go to spare in a coffee shop. 

But nearing the end of the year, I didn't really see myself spending the rest of my weekends being so starbucks-y and seemingly rich so i give up on the idea. Besides I already have notebooks for the year that I would love to use as a journal. 

But on the first workday of the year, a friend/colleague who frequent the coffee shop and already has the coffee shop planner, gave me her card which is only short of three stickers. And since I was never really the kind to turn down free stuff Haha. Tada! Yey to a free starbucks planner for 2013 :)

On writing again and again and again

I think my number 1 problem on my love-hate hobby that is writing, is I don't really write. At least not as often as I want to. But this week, I did a first big step and actually write. :)

It was for a small competition I found in the internet. I'm not even optimistic it will win to be honest. Thinking about it now, I don't really like what I wrote but since I'm not going to be hard on myself this year (or at least I won't start this year doing just that), I'm just happy that I actually did sit down and write. It was a first big step for me right now. 

and Mmmbops

You have so many relationships in this lifeOnly one or two will last

All in all, I have 12 big and small goals for the year. I have saved the last slot in case I think of something along the way. And I think the last one would prove to be the hardest.

On my part, it's a little shameful to admit that I feel I only made good relationships until college. Sure enough, I have best friends I've known for more than a decade, high school friends I would love to keep coming back to, and college/orgmates I could have the best laughs with. But honestly nothing came after 2009. All of my relationships fall flat to those that came before.

It's lonely to think about it sometimes but a new good friend in this new life is maybe just the one thing I need to be happy. I don't know. I sometimes feel that I'm setting the bar too high, and that in a lifetime, I should be glad to have five good friends I can keep for years. 

Basta. That's my 13th goal for 2013. Plant a seed.