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Together with the Les Miserables hype, my latest man-crush is Hugh Jackman. And one movie I’ve always wanted to watch ever since I saw its trailer way back 2006, is The Prestige. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally watch it, but the film is utterly genius. Of course, it’s directed by Christopher Nolan (think Inception and the latest Batman franchise), so at the very start I know it will not disappoint.

The movie’s main theme is obsession, and how far one would go, how much one is willing to sacrifice for one’s goals, dreams or in this case, the art of magic’s sake.

Much like The Dark Knight Rises where I got scared nearing the climax, I actually looked up the ending of Prestige in wikipedia because I’m too scared not to know. Hehe But it’s really good. I think if I see it in HBO, I’ll probably watch it again, and relive the good parts.

On donating blood

Last Thursday, I found out that I can't (or may never) donate blood. Not that I have a tattoo, or an infectious disease, sure I passed all that. But when the nurse was taking turns tapping and pinching my arms a couple of times trying to find the vein; reminds me of my APE last year when all of the present nurses/attendants tried the injections on me searching for that "mahiyaing ugat". Alas, the nurse said that I can't donate blood as the needle will be too thick for my thin and elusive veins... And thus the roles we can never be due to things we can't control. Where one can't be a stewardess because of height limits. Or a beauty pageant contestant. Or a policeman. Where one can't be a blood donor due to thin veins.

No more secrets

It was supposedly a really good week. I started the week right, two dinners with two of “my persons” in two awesome places, and a lunch with a good old officemate before the week ended. There’s nothing I could have really asked for, the week would have ended and I'll still be happy.

But alas, I had my first break in a streak of goods, something happened between Friday lunch out and my time off.

It’s best not to get too close with your secrets. It’s best not to let them define you, because once they got out of your limits, there’s no turning back.

The world turned and changed, and it was sad.