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We were a hundred feet above everything.
I remember the sound of the wind most of all. It resounds solidly; I couldn’t hear a thing except for the wind flapping strongly at the parachute, and my own heartbeat. Up there, it’s like we have our own paradise.
I looked at him, and he smiled. And then he held my hand.
Sometime, I was thinking how I’ll have a perfect picture for my facebook profile. Above the Boracay island, alone together, holding hands. Once we got back to our boat, I hastily examined the taken pictures. But I found they weren’t really as I imagined. Most are too far away to even recognize us.
But I saw one. It wasn’t as I imagined it perfect. We were dipped in water, and not hanging high above. But I think, love is just like that.
Love as I see it, is not about the perfect moment. But seeing the imperfect moment perfectly; changing, accepting these imperfections because the love for that person is greater than its flaws. It’s like the imperfect picture of parasailing/water-dipping, it’s not perfect but in my eyes, it is.

“This is my entry to “Love as I see it.” A project of www.islandrose.net flowers Philippines.