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It was August last year when I bought my best bag so far: a big black Leonardo shoulder bag.

That day, I decided I needed a bigger bag so I spent my after work time shopping. I spotted this big black bag among other black bags in one shelf, I can’t remember if it was on sale but it was P700 and fits definitely in my budget. I stared at its bigness and blackness and behold, I liked it. The saleslady behind me insisted it’s a good bargain “maganda at matibay yan Ma’am”, she said.

Not wanting my bag purchasing decision be affected by a stranger, I left the shelf of black bags to look for comparison. Besides, I don’t believe in love at first sight.

After an hour of rummaging through dozens of shelves of bags, any bag I found likely for my taste is either too expensive or too small or too pink or any too something I don’t like. Needless to say, I came back in front of the BBB I initially found with the thought of the saleslady behind me silently muttering “I told you so”.
I examined it further and found out there are compartments everywhere just where I needed them. It’s black, the leather’s fine and it doesn’t have the egg smell I associate with new leathers.
There I was with the bag in one hand and falling in love.

At that particular moment, it seems like the most right decision I will so far make purchasing-wise.
You see, I am never good in shopping. I always end up buying the wrong things. Just lately I wanted to buy jogging pants for one of my latest addiction: yeah, jogging. And I was kind of happy finally having bought one because I think it looks good and fits me well. So when I brought it home and ask for my mother’s and sisters’ second look they were like: it’s so bitin.

So I went to the department store the next day and exchanged it with something longer.
You get the drill: I kind of suck in shopping.
But with the big black bag in my hand I felt like I had the power to turn all my shopping adventures into a success starting with that purchase.

Of course I bought it. And everyday for nine months or so, I was proudly strutting along my most precious find.

Not when it was May this year that I again found the urge to buy a new bag. In my hometown mall, I bought this pink Belladonna costing as much as my favorite BBB. And the very best thing about it is it’s 30% less, I bought it that very day even though my mother hesitated.

Sure enough, two months after I was totally disappointed with it since it started wearing its coat out. And as of yesterday, I was still using that pink bag, talk of walking with a mistake.

Last night, I was cleaning up my things when I look up and saw my undoubtedly favorite big, black bag. In my excitement to use my then new pink bag I forgot that my old BBB is still fully functional. A couple of stitches had gone loose and two missing zip fasteners (my substitute-solution was actually way better than the zipper itself) but still, it looks much better (and newer) than my current pink.

As of today, I welcome you back, Black Bag!*

*That is, until I find a nice purchase, I’m still currently hunting.

Lesson learned: think twice before dumping the old school. =D