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We were watching The Orphan last night in HBO. I was supposed to be studying for my actuarial exam in December, but everyone’s watching and I didn’t want to be such a loser in my corner with reviewers piled in front of me. So I declared last night as another study-holiday.

I don’t like horror movies. I am always anticipating the bad things to happen, so I see myself frightened like hell before everybody else get goose bumps. And I keep my eyes half-closed in really terrifying scenes.

In one of the scenes in Orphan, somewhere near the ending, when we thought the worst is already over, Esther (the dwarf freak) came running with a knife in her hand, towards the lead roles. And boy, we all screamed.

Like: Waaahhhh!!!

With matching both hands inches from our ears.

When was the last time you screamed in a movie?

I must admit, we all had a good laugh after that.