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I stopped writing.

I know right, that was pretty much obvious. But I'm just saying, it was a conscious decision on my part. It wasn't just I-don't-feel-like-writing-today thing. 

You see, I looouuurrrrvve writing. It was my first true love.

But unlike the analytical subject I love just the same, writing takes toll on me, every time. 

Unlike Math where I feel good crunching numbers in post-papers, writing simply depresses me.

It's my most effective brand of depressant. Seriously, even beats my Grey's Anatomy love. 

So I'm stopping. To do the other secondary things I love. Like preparing for a financial exam pre-Christmas and a 4-day vacation I'm so excited for. That reminds me, I need to start packing.

But I'll be back, as with all my (and they're many) writing ruts before I'll be so back. waitforit